What Is Mohs Surgery?

What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery refers to a specific type of precise surgical technique primarily used to treat skin cancer – particularly in those instances when the cancer is known to have a high rate of reoccurring, or it is located in an area that is anatomically highly visible. If you live or work in and around Charleston, SC, and seek additional information regarding Mohs micrographic surgery, contact the team of medical professionals at Trident Dermatology today.

What to Expect During Mohs Surgery?

The Mohs technique refers to a type of surgery during which a medical doctor removes skin cancer one layer at a time. The precision of this surgical technique requires the use of a microscope to determine when the cells are no longer cancerous – for this is when the treatment can end successfully,

Potential candidates for this surgery are those people who are seeking treatment for skin cancer but with these specific factors affecting their decision -

  • Mohs surgery is preferred when the skin cancer (and the required surgery) is to be performed in a sensitive location. For example -

Basal Cell cancer is one of the common types of skin cancers that benefit from Mohs surgery because it is effective and leaves minimal scarring. For more aggressive or larger squamous cell cancer, where tissue preservation is essential, Mohs surgery is also a valuable choice.

  • Mohs surgery is preferred for skin cancers with unclear borders or well-defined borders with extensive growth beneath the skin.
  • Mohs surgery is preferred for those instances that are deemed high-risk – those medical situations where there is a high likelihood of reoccurrence.  
  • Mohs surgery provides those who are pregnant with a safe skin cancer treatment alternative. 

Not everyone who has skin cancer will meet the criteria established for potential Mohs surgery candidates. The decision for Mohs surgery is personal and likely to be based on these essential and relevant factors – which vary from patient to patient -  

  • The type of skin cancer being treated by the Mohs surgeon.
  • The exact location of the skin cancer being treated.
  • The size and the aggressiveness of the skin cancer being treated.
  • The overall health of the individual who is being considered for a Mohs surgical treatment.

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