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Discover The Benefits Of Dermal Fillers

When your goal is to refresh and rejuvenate the look of your skin, particularly your face, there are a few different treatment options dermal fillersavailable from your dermatologists at Trident Dermatology® in Charleston, SC. One treatment a dermatologist may suggest is dermal fillers. Dermal fillers, often better known by their brand names, are a very common and minimally invasive solution for patients who want to look younger.

Dermal Fillers
Over time the skin can sag and start to look worn down due to daily exposure to the sun. Dermal fillers, also called soft tissue fillers, can help reverse those symptoms, and it only takes one or two visits to the dermatologist’s office. There are a number of different filler products on the market. Juvaderm and Juvaderm VOLUMA XC (for the cheeks) are two fillers available at Trident Dermatology® in Charleston.

What Fillers Can Fix
An injectable cosmetic is a viable alternative to plastic surgery. Fillers are used to successfully treat these common skin concerns:

- Fill in wrinkles in the forehead.
- Rejuvenate “sunken in” bags under the eyes.
- Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and laugh lines around the mouth.
- Plump up the lips and cheeks.

Benefits of Fillers
Dermal fillers are consistently at the top of the list of cosmetic minimally invasive procedures according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If you’re wondering if dermal fillers are right for you, explore these benefits of choosing this dermatological treatment:

- You don’t have to go under deep anesthesia.
- Not cutting necessary—just a few injections in key areas of concern.
- It’s an in-office procedure that takes about 15 minutes.
- You can usually return to your day right after an appointment for dermal fillers.
- The results (smoother, firmer skin) can last for over six months.

Schedule a Dermal Filler Consultation
Your dermatologist will consult you first to tell you more about dermal fillers and examine your skin to determine if this cosmetic treatment is right for you. Call 843-797-3960 today to set a date and time to visit Trident Dermatology® in Charleston, SC.

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