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May 27, 2021
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Regular skin exams from your dermatologists in Charleston, SC, can help protect you against skin cancer.

If you think you might have skin cancer, it can be scary. The good news is, your dermatologist can help protect you against skin cancer by performing regular skin exams. Having regular skin exams helps diagnose skin cancer early when it is easily treatable.

The dermatologists at Trident Dermatology in Charleston, SC, offer comprehensive skincare and dermatology services, including diagnosing and treating skin cancer.

Regular skin exams are important for everyone, but they are especially important if you:

  • Have fair skin
  • Have a history of skin cancer
  • Spend a lot of time out in the sun
  • Get sunburns easily or frequently

You can do a self-exam at home to look for any skin abnormalities. You should be looking for:

  • Itchy, scaly skin patches that don’t go away
  • Moles with diameters larger than 6 millimeters
  • Moles with irregular, asymmetrical shapes
  • Moles with uneven, ragged borders
  • New moles that have recurred after previous removal

In fact, you should pay attention to any mole that has changed in size, shape, color, or other characteristics.

If you see any areas or moles that look abnormal, it’s time to seek out the help of your dermatologist. Diagnostic procedures include taking a skin sample of the area for biopsy to determine the presence of cell abnormalities or cancer. A biopsy will also determine what type and stage of skin cancer you have.

Once a diagnosis has been made, your dermatologist will discuss treatment options with you. Treatment options may include shaving or removing the mole, MOHS micrographic surgery, and other options.

To learn more about how skin exams can protect you from skin cancer, talk with the experts by calling the dermatologists at Trident Dermatology in Charleston, SC. You can reach them at (843) 797-3960 today!

By Trident Dermatology
March 25, 2021
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Here’s what you should know about getting Botox.

Want to get younger-looking skin but a little nervous about undergoing cosmetic treatment? If this is your first time even considering cosmetic dermatology, our Charleston, SC, dermatologists understand that you may be looking for a more conservative approach such as Botox, which is minimally invasive and offers amazing results.

What is the purpose of Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic injectable that helps to relax fine lines and wrinkles of the face by injecting certain muscle groups with a purified form of Botulinum Toxin A, a neurotoxin. When administered by our qualified dermatologist here in Charleston, SC, Botox is a safe and effective way to smooth away lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and eyes. Any wrinkles that seem to stand out when smiling or frowning are the wrinkles that will respond to Botox.

What are the benefits of Botox?

We know that many of our patients want to understand more about Botox before turning to our team here at Trident Dermatology. While Botox has helped countless men and women from their 20s-50s get younger-looking results, it isn’t right for everyone. To meet your specific esthetic goals, we will need to schedule a consultation with you first.

Here are just some of the benefits of turning to us for Botox,

  • Botox requires a skilled hand and who better to administer this treatment than a qualified doctor? Spas and home Botox parties should be avoided, as many people aren’t qualified to be able to safely administer these injections. With us you know you’re in capable hands.
  • Botox treatment is minimally invasive and easily tolerated even by more pain-sensitive patients. We can also numb the area before treatment if you’d like. It only takes a couple of minutes to administer Botox and side effects such as redness, tenderness or swelling are minimal.
  • Most patients will see results within the first 3-4 days after treatment, with the full results appearing after one week. The benefit of getting Botox is that you don’t look too tight, lifted, or “overdone” like you might be concerned about with certain cosmetic procedures. Botox provides subtle, natural, and realistic changes to your appearance.

Are you interested in getting Botox here in Charleston, SC? If so, you want to find a qualified dermatologist that can provide you with safe, effective treatment every time. Our dermatology team can work with you to get the results you want, time and time again. To find out if you’re right for Botox, call Trident Dermatology at (843) 797-3960 to schedule a no-risk consultation.

By Trident Dermatology
February 12, 2021
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How dermal fillers from your dermatologists in Charleston, SC, can help you look younger

If you want to look younger and more vibrant, anytime is the best time to consider dermal fillers! This amazing anti-aging tool has an extensive record of both safety and effectiveness, to help you look younger and better than you’ve ever thought possible.

The dermatologists at Trident Dermatology® in Charleston, SC, offer comprehensive skin care and anti-aging services, including dermal fillers, to help you look younger.

So, what exactly are dermal fillers? They are injectable solutions to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They do this by plumping your skin, which smooths out the fine lines and wrinkles, helping you and your skin look flawless.

As you age, your skin naturally loses moisture, collagen, and elastin so that when you laugh, smile, frown, and show other expressions, your skin doesn’t respond the way it did when you were younger. Instead, fine lines and wrinkles form around the lines of expression.

  • It’s time for dermal fillers when you begin to experience:
  • Lines at the corners of your eyes, known as crow’s feet
  • Deep creases running across your forehead, known as furrows
  • Deep creases between your eyebrows, known as glabella
  • Lines at the corners of your mouth, known as marionette lines

During your dermal filler treatment, your dermatologist will inject small amounts of filler into your skin, using a tiny needle. The treatment is well tolerated by most people, and your dermatologist can apply a numbing spray beforehand if you wish.

The number of injections you need will vary depending on the area being treated. When you choose dermal fillers to treat fine lines and wrinkles, you will enjoy amazing benefits like these:

  • Quick treatment, because dermal fillers only require a few minutes
  • Long-lasting results, because treatment can last for 6 to 18 months
  • Budget-friendly service, because dermal fillers often cost less than other cosmetic dermatology services

To find out more about dermal fillers and other anti-aging and skin care services, call the dermatologists at Trident Dermatology in Charleston, SC, at 843-797-3960. Call today!

By Trident Dermatology
August 12, 2020
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There are many reasons to choose Botox for achieving more youthful-looking skin. Botox injections can smooth the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines without surgery. There is no recovery time so you’ll immediately look refreshed following treatment with results only improving over time. Botox injections are available through many dermatologists.

Botox Injections

Your Santa Barbara dermatologist injects the Botox directly into the facial muscles where wrinkles or fine lines already exist. The Botox relaxes the muscles, which gives the skin a smoother appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles smooth out and become less pronounced. Beyond smoothing out existing lines and wrinkles, Botox also prevents additional lines and wrinkles from developing for as long as the facial muscles remain relaxed. While skin appears immediately smoother after treatment, maximum results are achieved within 14 days.

Benefits of Botox in North Charleston, SC

Botox injections offer multiple benefits. The procedure is really quite simple and noninvasive, requiring no incisions or surgery. Botox can be used to smooth the skin on the face. Botox injections can be used to achieve a more youthful look by softening the appearance of all of the following:
  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Chronic appearance of being tired, worried or angry due to age
There are so many excellent reasons to choose Botox. It can smooth the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. You’ll enjoy smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. For Botox injections, see Trident Dermatology®, your dermatologists in North Charleston, SC. To schedule an appointment, contact us by calling (843) 797-3960.
By Trident Dermatology
July 06, 2020
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At Trident Dermatology® in Charleston, SC, your team of five dermatologists is pleased to offer a wide range of cosmetic skin treatments. One of the most popular is dermal fillers. Injections of biocompatible serums, fillers, such as Juvederm, tighten sagging skin, add volume to specific areas and smooth lines and wrinkles. You'll love the results!

The signs of aging

We all experience them sooner or later. The skin gradually loses its youthful tautness, and lines form around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Cheeks and lips look thinner and less plump. While good hydration, a no-tobacco lifestyle, eating well, and avoiding excessive sun exposure help keep skin young, most people feel they need some help to stay refreshed and radiant.

Enter: dermal fillers

Healthline reports that annually, 2.4 million people get dermal fillers featuring a natural skin component called hyaluronic acid. Juvederm is the most well known, particularly for its effectiveness, ease of application and rapid recovery time.

At Trident Dermatology® in Charleston, your dermatologist qualifies prospective filler patients with a review of medical history (including any allergies or skin sensitivities), skin exam and discussion of aesthetic goals. If Juvederm proves a good choice, the treatment is performed in one session lasting 15 to 60 minutes depending on the extent of the treatment.

The treatments are comfortable as the Juvederm serum contains lidocaine. As it is injected into your target areas--lips, cheeks, around the mouth and by the nose--you'll begin to see results. Your doctor may massage the injected areas to distribute the medication.

Afterward, you may experience redness, tenderness and itching. These will resolve, but be sure to avoid the sun, make-up and gym workouts for at least a day. You'll experience optimal results quickly, too. Re-treatments may be needed a year or so hence.

The renewed you

At Trident Dermatology® in Charleston, SC, dermal fillers are just one way to accomplish your aesthetic goals safely and effectively. To learn more, call us for an informative consultation: (843) 797-3960. You'll love looking like you--only better!

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